Write For Us

Do you enjoy the content here at World’s Edge Tavern? Have something to share that you think your fellow readers would enjoy?

We are currently accepting guest posts for the site. You can contact us about it here.

What We’re Looking For

Do you have a strong opinion on something related to speculative fiction books? Do you disagree with something we’ve posted and want to do a counter-post in response? We welcome your content.

Here are some examples of what we’ll feature on the site:

  • an opinion piece on the top fantasy books for the last decade
  • a review of a book you’ve just finished
  • an interview you did with a speculative fiction author
  • an opinion piece on the most influential sci fi writers of all time

Those are just some examples to get your wheels turning. If you have an idea for a guest post but aren’t sure it’s our thing, just reach out to us before you write it and we’ll let you know.


We do have writing quality standards for all guest posts. We don’t need it to be perfect, but it should be well-written and not something hastily thrown together. All guest posts should be at least 450 words. And to ensure that it fits the tone of the site, write in a conversational tone as opposed to a more stiff, professional one.

For our book reviews and author interviews, we have specific format requirements. Get in touch with us to make sure you’re meeting all those requirements before sending us your submission.

We love helping authors promote their books. If you’re an author, find more info about what we can do for you here. You can also submit a guest post as described above as long as it is not 100% promotional.


We have a specific format for all book reviews on the site. The following sections are required:

  • Introduction to the book
  • I knew that I was in for long haul when …
  • Style snippet …
  • What surprised me about this book …
  • My favorite character …
  • Summary of opinion on the book

You can view recent book reviews here.