7 Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Books That Are Free First In A Series (April 2015)


Finding a really great paranormal or urban fantasy series can be a challenge for some readers. If you are into shifters, then there is no shortage of those types of books right now. But what if you’re not? Well, I’ve found that a great way to give a paranormal or urban fantasy series a try is to see if the first book is available for free on Kindle. It’s really a win-win because you don’t have to spend a single cent to see if a new-to-you author and series are worth your time, and you just might discover a really great series that you would have never found otherwise.

Recently, I was looking for new urban fantasy books to add to my Kindle and came across several freebies that are the first book in a series. I’ve listed some of the ones that caught my attention below and I think you might like them as well. Just keep in mind that Amazon changes prices all the time, so some of the books below might not be available for free any longer (depending on when you read this).

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Note: These books were free at time of publication (April 2, 2015), but prices can change at any time. The price reflected on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other vendors is always the current, and correct price.

The Time Stopper (Mind Dimensions Book 0) – Dima Zales

the time stopper I have to confess – the book cover on this one sold me before I even read the synopsis. And once I did read the summary, I was even more into this one.

A girl who can stop time AND read minds? Yes, please! I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but it seems like it’s going to have some thriller/suspense elements as well.

But, before you rush off to download this one like I did, I do have some slightly bad news – it’s not a full length novel. Nope. Just a little short novella that serves as an intro to the series. But do know that the rest of the books in the series are full-length books.

If you’re as antsy to get this on your Kindle as I was, click here to download it for free now!

Preternatural Affairs, Books 1-3: Witch Hunt, Silver Bullet, and Hotter Than Helltown – SM Reine

Preternatural Affairs, Books 1-3: Witch Hunt, Silver Bullet, and Hotter Than HelltownI think most people who read urban fantasy have probably already come across SM Reine and this series, but it not…this just might interest you.

I have started book one of this series but have yet to finish it. I know that SM Reine is insanely popular, but I’m just not certain that this particular series is my cup of tea. I much prefer her Ascension series. A recent Amazon reviewer gave this collection a one-star review due to the numerous times erections were mentioned in the first couple of pages. If I’m being honest, it’s what turned me off this series as well.

That being said, loads of people enjoy this series and you might be one of them! Plus, it is free so you’ve got nothing to lose but the time you spend reading it.

If you want to give it a try, get your free copy from Amazon now.

Kill It With Magic (The Lillim Callina Chronicles Book 1) – J. A. Cipriano

Kill It With Magic (The Lillim Callina Chronicles Book 1)If you want something that is geared more toward a Young Adult audience, then Cipriano’s Kill It With Magic might be a good book for you to try. Other books in the series are available and they all seem to be full-length novels.

And this books seems to have a little bit of everything from the supernatural world – demons, dragons, magic, etc. Other readers seem to enjoy this book but mention that it can be somewhat too fast-paced at times (at the expense of the plot). Since it’s free right now, it still might be worth checking out if you’re into YA Urban Fantasy.

Pick up your free copy from Amazon now.

The Rest Falls Away (The Gardella Vampire Hunters: Victoria Book 1) – Colleen Gleason

the rest falls awayIf there is one thing that will get me to immediately download a vampire book to my Kindle, it is telling me that it is reminiscent of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show. Well, that is what some reviewers are saying about The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason. Honestly, I didn’t hesitate to download it after reading that!

Though I have yet to start reading this one, it is set in 19th century London, which has me hoping against hope that we get some steampunk style elements in the story. This book is the first in a five-book series, and yes, it is a full-length novel. It is also supposed to have some romance elements to it, in case that kind of thing turns you off of a book series.

Do like I did and immediately download this book from Amazon right now. The author is also active on Twitter – you can follow her here.

Different (Tainted Elements Book 1) – Alycia Linwood

different alycia linwoodIf you’re looking for an Urban Fantasy series that is like no other right now, then I suggest downloading Alycia Linwood’s Different. There are other books in this series available and ready for you to buy, so once you get to the cliffhanger ending of this one, you won’t want to wait for resolution.

This book centers on a group of magical beings who are elementals, which is pretty freaking cool if you ask me. No, I haven’t had a chance to read this one yet either, but other reviewers lead me to believe that this is a YA book and there is a romance subplot in the story.

I downloaded it to give it a try, and you can also get it for free from Amazon. You can also follow the author on Twitter.

Voices: The Reincarnation Series (Book 1) – R.E. Rowe

Voices: The Reincarnation Series (Book 1)This is another YA book for the list, but I’m led to believe that it is very well written. So, don’t discount this one just because it’s intended for a YA audience.

The premise has some unique factors to it and other books in the series are already available for purchase. I think it’s also worth mentioning that as of right now, this book doesn’t have any bad reviews on Amazon!

You can download this book right now for free from Amazon.

Chosen: Chosen #1 (The Chosen) – Denise Grover Swank

Chosen: Chosen #1 (The Chosen)Though this one is a few years old, it is still a good choice if you haven’t read it because the series is complete. So, if you like Chosen, you can buy up the rest of the books in the series and spend the entire weekend engrossed in this world.

This is mostly a paranormal book due to the focus on the psychic boy, but there are elements of romance and thriller books in it.

Though I’ve yet to get to this on my Kindle myself, other reviewers mention that readers who are sensitive to naughty language should steer clear of this book. There doesn’t seem to be an abundance of four-letter words, but if the odd F-word gets your panties in a bunch, best to leave this one on the virtual shelf.

But, if strong language doesn’t offend you, go ahead and download this one for free from Amazon like I did!

If you’re still looking for more paranormal and urban fantasy free Kindle books, I suggest checking out the current list of freebies on Amazon here. Just know that not all of the books on the list are part of a series.

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