Where To Find Free Sci-Fi And Fantasy EBooks


If you enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy books but don’t always have the cash to spend on them, then you should know that there’s quite a few places where you download some free ebooks. And I’m not just talking about fan fiction here.


For those of you who do your ebook reading on a Kindle, Kindle app or Kindle reader, then you might already know that Amazon is a treasure trove of free ebooks. What you might not know is that some authors regularly put their books on a limited time free promo offer. This means that you need to be checking out what is available for free all the time. Of course, if you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, then you have even great access to free sci fi and fantasy Kindle books.

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Here are the best links to free speculative fiction books on Amazon:

Those links take you to the main categories, but you can actually drill down on the sidebar and get more specialized titles (like steampunk, time travel, fairy tales, sword & sorcery, etc.).


I definitely suggest doing this since it ends up showing you more titles that just the main top 100 for all of fantasy and all of science fiction.


If you get your ebooks from Barnes and Noble and do your reading on a NOOK, then you may not know that they also have a pretty decent collection of free science fiction and fantasy NOOK books.

The quickest way to find these books are via the links below:

What’s interesting about the free ebooks from Barnes and Noble is that they even offer samples of books by big name authors – like this one from James Patterson where you get the first 34 chapters.


I don’t get my ebooks from Kobo, so maybe it’s just user error here, but it seems to be rather difficult to see all the free sci fi and fantasy ebooks at Kobo. I think that the best way to find free Kobo books right now is to just sort by price, from low to high, so that the freebies come up first. Or, just use the links below.

Or, check out the tips from Kobo support on finding their free offerings.


Probably the biggest place to find free ebooks, after Amazon, is Smashwords. It’s really popular, probably because you can download books from the site in your preferred format, which is a nice feature.

Here’s how to find the freebies at Smashwords:

Right now, I think these sites are the best places to find some high quality freebie ebooks in science fiction and fantasy. Of course, you can’t expect everything out there to be the best quality, so do your own due diligence before downloading some terrible ebooks just because they’re free. And honestly, life is too short to read crappy books, right?

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