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Five Great SciFi Movies You’ve Probably Never Watched


Looking for some science fiction movies, but sick of Star Wars , Star Trek, and other block busters? We don’t blame you. There are quite a number of great mainstream science fiction flicks and we’re huge fans of many of them. That being said, you can only watch Star Wars so many times before it gets old.

If you’re looking for some films you might not have seen, we’ve got a great list of recommended films. Anyways let’s jump in!

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5. Ghost in the Shell

Okay, if you watch anime, you’ve probably seen Ghost in the Shell. If you don’t watch anime, or you otherwise haven’t seen this film, you should give this classic a try. Widely regarded as one of the best animes ever produced, Ghost in the Shell features a great world, awesome voice acting, on-point music, and interesting characters.

There’s the futuristic cyberpunk world, a big, dirty city, advanced robots, cyborg humans, artificial intelligence, this movie has it all. People, meanwhile, are hardwired into the many digital networks that now run everything (think of the Internet on steroids).

More importantly, however, Ghost in the Shell forces us to question what it means to be human. I don’t want to get into the details as doing so would risk ruining some major plot points, but in this future, many humans are no longer human in the biological sense. Instead, they can use their consciousness to possess synthetic human robots.

What does that mean for humanity and sentience? Ghost in the Shell will force you to explore those issues deeply.

4. Mr. Nobody

This movie has developed quite the cult following over the past few years. Originally released in 2009, but only widely available in the United States in 2013, Mr. Nobody features perhaps the most well-known actor on this list: Jared Leto. With a budget of nearly $50 million, it wasn’t exactly the cheapest film either.Yet despite being a quite solid film, Mr. Nobody never got widespread traction.

Anyways, Jared Leto AKA “Nemo” is the last “mortal” alive, everyone else being immortal, with their own person stem-cell pigs to keep them alive. The movie shows Nemo advancing through various stages of his life. The stories are narrated by the old man version of Nemo, and at times different versions of his life come forward, with viewers left unable to determine what’s real and not.

The movie is a cerebral if often confusing experience, and is definitely worth a watch.

3.  Splinter

Okay, Splinter is a horror film rather than your average SciFi adventure. Regardless, it’s a great low budget flick and one not too many people have seen. Many low budget films aren’t all that great, but this one is a true gem. Fantastic acting by unknown names, a gripping if simple plot, this one will definitely put you on the edge of your couch.

Picture this: a young couple going out into the woods for a romantic get-away. Only, they are taken hostage by an escaped convict and his drug-addicted girlfriend. Guns to their heads, they end up at a gas station, but they aren’t alone. A mysterious parasite that can take over human bodies is on the prowl, and now our odd-couples have to fend for their survival.

2. Moon

The world has run out of oil in Moon, and it turns out that sunshine and wind aren’t enough to keep society going. Luckily, we’ve found a great new fuel source, Helium-3. Only problem is, Helium-3 can only be found in big quantities on the moon. But no problem, a massive, automated mining operation is set up, and best of all, it only needs one person to run it.

Meet Sam. Sam runs that lunar base. He only has two weeks before he gets to return back to Earth. Only, something doesn’t feel right. Hallucinations, passing out, Sam isn’t well…

This is one of those films that you can’t talk about without ruining some major surprises, but this critically acclaimed cult soon-to-be classic is definitely worth a watch!

1. Children of Men

This movie has started to gain some steam over the past few years. When it first came out in 2006, Children of Men didn’t gain too much attention from audiences, but was a big hit with critics. Set in a dystopian future were people are no longer able to have children and reproduce, the United Kingdom is ruled by fascists. And they’re doing better than most of the rest of the world, with most countries having completely collapsed.

You don’t realize how important children are until you confront the idea of there never being any more children. Doesn’t matter if you want children yourself, either way future generations represent the progress of society. If there are no more future generations, does society itself start to lose its sense of purpose?

At least in the world “Children of Men” society certainly does. Now, just imagine if a baby is brought into such a world…



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