Excerpt: Rob May’s “Dragon Killer”


dragon killerAs a fantasy reader myself, I know just how frustrating it can be to find cool books in a series where there is more than one completed novel. Well, I’ve just recently learned of Rob May’s Kal Moonheart series, which currently has three completed books for you to check out. The cover of the first book immediately caught my attention and the synopsis pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Kalina Moonheart—adventurer, gambler and thief—makes a good living working for her patron, the wealthy senator Benedict Godsword. But an unexpected threat to Ben’s fortune puts Kal on a collision course with terrors she thought she had left buried in her past. Teaming up with a young guard captain, Rafe Firehand, she travels to a dragon-haunted tropical island to hunt down a murderous beast. Once there, Kal soon discovers there are worse things in the world than dragons, and when an unexpected sequence of events leaves her in an impossible situation, she must summon every ounce of skill, cunning and strength in order to survive.

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As you can probably tell, this appears to be a fantasy-adventure series, which is pretty cool. I’ve just added the book to my TBR list and you might want to do the same. Check out the excerpt that the author has provided below:

Kal was examining the statue of Banos when someone stepped up beside her. She didn’t look around; the last thing she wanted was to get to know any of the other regular visitors. Nevertheless, the newcomer made a move: ‘Is my lady an admirer of brave Banos?’

Kal sighed and turned to see who had spoken. A stranger in polished plate armour stood beside her. He wore a deep blue surcoat embellished with a spiral of stars threaded in gold. He was handsome enough, with a broad friendly face and combed-back blond hair.

‘If I see your lady,’ Kal replied, ‘I’ll be sure to ask her.’

He gave her a genuine, unaffected smile. ‘My apologies! Perhaps you are a follower of Draxos instead?’

Kal had to laugh. Draxos! The black sheep in the pantheon: ugly and twisted and always up to no good. His only redeeming feature was that in the end, when the Dragon came for him, he died defending his brothers’ and sisters’ children. It was a bittersweet tale that Kal actually enjoyed.

‘Perhaps I am!’ she teased him, her eyes scanning the rotunda. A white-robed priest had entered and was making his way to the central rostrum; the hourly invocation was about to begin.

‘They say you should try to emulate the life of the god you most admire,’ Kal’s new friend reminded her. ‘Banos was a great knight as well as a god: the bravest warrior, undefeated in combat until … well, you know. My name’s Rafe, by the way.’

Kal accepted his gloved hand. ‘Sir Rafe?’ she asked him.

He shook his head. ‘No, sadly. Just Captain Rafe for now. Although, that is a shortcoming I hope to soon address. Did you know that Banos himself set down three heroic feats by which one could rise to knighthood? They are still enshrined in our law today.’

Kal was curious, despite herself. ‘Go on then. What are they?’

‘The first heroic feat is to wrestle a god to the ground.’

Kal smiled. ‘I think you’ve missed your chance there—by about a thousand years.’

Rafe was enjoying himself, making the most of his opportunity now that he had a girl’s attention. He counted the knightly feats off on his fingers: ‘The second is to reach to the peak of the Improbable Mountain.’

‘You don’t look the suicidal type to me.’

‘I actually suffer from a great fear of heights,’ he admitted with a straight face. ‘So then the only option left to me is the third feat. To join Banos in the ranks of knighthood, I must prove myself as both a warrior and a defender of the city; I must slay a dragon.’

Kal touched Rafe lightly on the arm. ‘Well good luck with that,’ she said. ‘I’m sorry, I have to go. It was nice meeting you!’

Rafe looked disappointed. ‘You didn’t tell me your name!’ he called after her.


If you’ve enjoy this excerpt, then I suggest that you get a copy of this book from Amazon now! You can even read it on your Kindle! And soon I’ll be sharing my review of this book as well as an interview with the author. In the meantime, you can find the author on Twitter.

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