Jonathan G. Meyer’s “Al Clark” Sci-Fi Adventure


AL CLARK bookIt’s not often that you come across a book cover that just completely stops you in your tracks. For me, author Jonathan G. Meyer’s AL CLARK book was one of those books. I mean, we have a sci fi book with a dinosaur in the cover…and a human. You don’t see that on the new releases shelf everyday, eh?

I have not read this book yet, but the premise definitely sounds interesting to me. And if you have Kindle Unlimited right now, then you can download this book for free in April 2015!

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Book synopsis:

Four giant starships left Earth, traveling in different directions and looking for a new start; hoping to find a substitute for home.

They sought a virgin planet that had not been ravaged by climate change, crime, and overcrowding.

Each ship was populated by the best Earth had to offer and sent to one of the four best possible exo-planets discovered by man.

This is the story of the starship Excalibur, and the adventures of its brave passengers.

One man will wake up to a new life, in an unfamiliar place, to become what the ship and its passengers need most. The kind of man…who must save them all.


Al Clark’s Perspective:

I wake up gradually, slowly rising up from the embrace of an enchanting dream. The vision stutters and then grudgingly releases me, allowing me to float up to the light.

Long closed eyelids flutter and open, allowing my eyes to register claustrophobic blackness and a single tiny star directly overhead.

The ramblings of my subconscious are quickly forgotten as I attempt to make sense of my surroundings.

My hands reach out to find resistance in all directions. The sound of flesh on metal reaches my ears.

“I’m in a box?”

Any memories of where I am, or how I came to be here are gone…and fright takes over; giving me strength.

My hands push hard on the surface above, to force my way from this stifling confinement.

The heavy lid opens explosively, and just as quickly, rebounds and slams shut.

“A coffin…I’m in a coffin?”

Restraining my fear, I press up on the lid again, with less force this time and — I am free.

I sit up, to find a cramped and utilitarian room. An utterly alien room I have never seen before.

While puzzling over the where, like a bursting bubble, another even more disturbing question pops into my mind.

“WHO…Am I?”


Unfortunately, this is the only book that this author has available for purchase right now. But, you can follow him on Twitter for updates on new releases.

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